Medieval tents and Pavilion tents are highly selling by Bharat tent manufacturers in India. It gives an amazing touch and Royal look to the wedding. Round tents for Circus and pavilion tents for large croud and functions. Medieval Pavilion tents are made up of Canvas cotton in PVC and polyester fabric also. Its structure is foldable which is in foldable iron structure and bamboo. There are different sizes in medieval tents also like rectangular medieval tents, oval medieval tents, round tents, octagonal medieval tents, hexagonal medieval tents, square medieval tents also in Canvas and PVC. These tents are highly uses in Hollywood movies.

Medieval Tent at Best Price in India

Mini tents and large tents are also available with the width of 2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre, 5 metre, 6 metre, and 7 metre diameter. Viking tents are also similar like medieval tents it gives a tremendous look to the function where it is used. Indian medieval tents are uses for photo shoots and film shoot to show the medieval time. These medieval Indian tents are export in United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Russia By port to port delivery and air to air delivery. Royal tents having single pole in the middle so it is also known as pole tents and can be tie up from all the sides.

Old style tents in canvas which is waterproof and canvas is like goat hair cloth which is widely used by royal family during old times. Tents for Raja and Rani or we can say King and Queen Tents, so these tents are maharaja tents and maharani tents. Vintage style tents in different colour and sizes and looks like an old tent. By Bharat tent manufacturers game of thrones tents were made in various style.

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