PPE KIT Manufacturers:

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers by offering them the best quality products at most competitive rates and occupied “The Best Position” in Indian Market in the area of manufacturing superior quality of all kinds of tent products. We supply into different industries with the help of most expertise team in the industry. In brief, we are giving the details of our productsin website.

Swiss Cottage tents and luxury Resort tents which is luxurious with attached bathroom and balcony, (verandah) so that we can use both split A.C. and window A.C.in these tents. These tent are manufactured by us and export in all over world and uses in mina and in India also. it is highly uses in kumbh festival. Aircondition tents for camping purpose are sale in India. Air condition tents for wedding and event purpose because it is foldable and gives a luxurious and unique touch to the weddings. Nowadays event planner also uses these tents for destination wedding in India. Impact of A.C. is 100% in these tents because we make tents in three layers four layers and in Two layers also, so it is waterproof and A.C. proof also. Heating effect will reduce because of several layers and Canvas is made up of cotton so it reduces heating effect. Airconditioned tents are outdoor tents in Canvas for outdoor activities, camping purpose, for hotels and Royal wedding. It can be uses for army mock drill, meeting, get together, for dinner purpose, and wedding purpose also these tents are highly usable.

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