Our mission is to make better army tents which are waterproof shelter and for relief purpose for military. All weatherproof shelter for all environments in different designs and sizes and serve as control and command and supply for all unit supply. Army tent supply in India and especially for all the Indian units which is as similar as to serve for the nation. We generally do army tent supply in Delhi and Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. Army tent manufacture by us in our own factory according to regiment colours and design like different units have their different logo and unit batches which we kept in mind and make the tents according to that way. Army tent export by our company generally in Africa and USA but we export army tents in all over the world. We are the top army tent exporter in all over world because of the product quality and the loyalty towards our work.

Army Tent at Best Price in India

Army tent supply by us in the given time to the customer and durability is also perfect.

Different regiments like brigade, artillery, infantry, grenadiers, navy, air force tents, assault engineers, Maratha light infantry Regiment Company, medical corps, and signal of corps, AMC, medical and all other units.

Air force generally uses shamiana tent for shadow and to reduce the heating effect and they prefer sky blue colour so we are regularly manufacture tents for air force also. Officers mess tents for tea part and alcohol party in the mess area by the officers are really like these tents. We also do some partition in between these tents to separate the places and to enjoy two different functions at a time.

Indian officers really like our manufacturing products that why they prefer officers mess army tent for their regular functions.

for shelter tent army tent or we can say military tent are widely uses because of instant installation by the soldiers without wasting any time, we know the time foundation so we apply all the technical things in manufacturing these tents.

Army tents are widely uses in desert area also so people also call them desert tents.

In gulf area military uses in summer time because canvas reduces heating effect and especially olive green colour and camouflage. Also the use camel colour or sand colour tent to hide from the enemy.

Canvas reduces heating effect because its thickness is more and because of green colour.

Shelter tents for troops and armed forces are widely uses from hundred years approx.

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