Waterproof Tents:

Best Waterproof Tent Manufacturers in India: Waterproof Tent, Swiss Tent, Luxury Tent, Outdoor Tent.

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If you are planning to backpack to camp in areas known for watery weather, you’ll prefer a tent that will preserve you dry and comfy in the event of rain. Waterproof tents are the most useful gear that you must carry when you go out in these kinds of places. 

Waterproof tents are essential because they will save you from all harsh weather circumstances while camping. They also control condensation, which may protect mold and decay problems inside your tent. When you go to buy waterproof tents, you must have complete knowledge about the materials used, prices, types, and many more things.


Waterproof Tents

In this Guide, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about waterproof tents. This will help you in choosing the right tent for your trip and allow you to elaborate your needs and wants to the waterproof tent manufacturers. 

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Why Is It Essential to Have a Waterproof Tent?

The most significant reason why it is important to have a waterproof tent is for amenity. If the tent is not waterproofed, you will be stuck in a big situation with heavy rain and snow and then while camping. The second motive why having a waterproof tent is crucial is because it avoids condensation that somewhat helps in keeping you warm.

What is the Waterproof Tent Price in India?

Basically, the price of waterproof tents in India depends on many factors like the size of the tent, the material used in the tent, and many more things. However, the estimated price starts from Rs.5000 onwards. For choosing the right waterproof tent, you first need to consider these mentioned parameters so that you can get the exact price of tents. 

Different Types of Waterproof Tents that you May Choose

For knowing the right price of waterproof tents, you must have knowledge about the types of tents that waterproof tent manufacturers provide. In this section, we are going to discuss some different types that you may see in waterproof tents. 

Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are suggested for people who like to camp with a huge group of friends and family fellows. These types of tents are constructed by many waterproof tents suppliers who need tents for large gatherings. Tunnel tents are comparatively more challenging to set up rather than other ones. The tunnels permit more people to conform inside the tent without provoking it to look too packed. 

Waterproof Tents


Tent caravans are extremely alike to other standard tents, but they are more undersized and can accommodate most vehicles with a roof shelf or car top carrier. The size of these tents is also more concise than standard tents, which makes them more comfortable to handle inside the car. Caravans are usually located at sporting goods shops and can be utilized for camping on short travels since they are only meant for only four people.

Ultralight Waterproof Tents

Ultralight waterproof tents are weightless, comfortable to move, and fast to fix up. They are appropriate for solo camping and can also be utilized for backpacking. They are manageable to store and can be taken on a long trip with great relaxation. Even though they are extremely lightweight, ultralight tents have the essential features that ensure superior amenity and shelter from wind, rain, cold temperature, and insects while you are camping. Moreover, some of the ultralight tents also arrive with a groundsheet or footprint. 

Raised Tents

These kinds of tents are very famous and are constructed by many waterproof suppliers in India. A raised tent is a lofty and big roofed tent that furnishes enough room for six individuals inside. It presents exceptional visibility for everyone, which makes it ideal for stargazing and eyeing the moon. It is also absolutely waterproof, and the sidewalls are created from waterproof canvas. The groundsheet is usually marketed individually and ought to be placed underneath so that dampness does not make up under the tent.

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Waterproof Tents

Difference Between Waterproof vs. Water Resistant vs. Water Repellent

Water-resistant materials deliver the first degree of security against water. Such tents have a tightly threaded fabric that constructs a fence for water so that it cannot saturate easily inside.

Water repellent tents come at the second phase of security against water. These tents usually arrive with a DWR title that stands for Durable Water Repellent. This indicates that not only does the tent revolve around natural water, it also holds an extra layer of water repellent fabric applied on the surface causing the water to soak up on the outside and fall right off.

Waterproof tents present the third and most elevated degree of security against water, although it’s tricky to say so. Nothing can be 100% waterproof, ever, but with the proper material and practice, it’s more comfortable to stay parched. Waterproof tents have a more powerful, sturdier material with a substantial layer of DWR and can resist serious pressure or constant rain than the above two types of tents.

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Final Words

Waterproof tents are an important thing that you must carry when you decide to go camping in wet areas. They will definitely support you to rescue from heavy rainfall and snow. In addition, they will also control condensation, which will preserve your tent dry year-round. 

These kinds of tents are relatively more affordable than other ones, which makes them ideal for all kinds of individuals. Some waterproof tents are more delicate than others, while others have more elements such as viewports, groundsheets, and many more. 

All in all, waterproof tents are crucial to carrying with you when you are on your camping journeys so that you can relish the outdoors and remain safe at the same time.

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