If you’re preparing to host your special day in the luxurious outdoors themes, then choosing the best and unforgettable wedding tent preparation is a must. Outdoor weddings are really on-trend nowadays and also provide you with different levels of fun and help you in saving money. Tents basically give you an opportunity to convert your wedding into a unique and lavish venue.

To make your wedding comfortable and luxurious, you must choose the right tent services. The Indian tents are recognized for their endurance and sturdiness. This expanded demand for Indian tents has given emergence to several tent manufacturers in India. But out of various options present in the market, you need to figure out the best wedding tent manufacturers that fulfill all your needs. 

In this article, we are going to uncover the most famous wedding tent suppliers in India. We curated this top list for you so that one is able to select the best according to their wedding requirements. So, let’s move into this. 

Most Popular Wedding Tent Suppliers In India

Bharat Tent Manufacturers 

Bharat Tent Manufacturers is the best and well-known tent manufacturer in India. They are dealt in a wide range of tents like garden tents, wedding canopy, ceiling tents etc and available in plenty of designs, colors, elements, dimensions, prints, and coatings as per the consumer choices. 

Bharat tent manufacturers also outshine the composition of stable Indian Army tents that are waterproof. The company also provides a variety of darbari tents that work as canopies in gatherings and are ready in a variety of shades and designs. 

Products they deal in:

  • Maharaja tents
  • Ceiling tents
  • Trampoline tents
  • Gazebo tents
  • Cottage tents
  • Luxury swiss tents
  • Shamiyana
  • Garden tents
  • Bell tents
  • Party tents
  • Shikari tents

Address: 106, Raghunathpuri, Sainik Marg, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Mahavira Tents

Mahavira Tents is the best manufacturer, exporter of all sorts of tents. It was founded in 1989 and since its foundation has created a powerful footprint in the tent manufacturing business. The tents produced by the company are made with the best quality materials and are also exported at moderate prices. The tents manufactured by the company are of the best quality and are also shipped at a very reasonable price. The company also deals in resort tents and relief camp tents. 

With their extremely satisfied services and best-in-class tents, Mahavira tents savor a chain of worldwide clients and have excelled at a global platform. 

Products they Deal in:

  • Wedding tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Gazebos
  • Army tents
  • Pavilion tents
  • Exhibition tents
  • Jungle safari tents
  • Relief tents
  • Camp tents
  • Pagoda canopies
  • Beach tents
  • Snowproof tents
  • Hospital tents

Address: 15/14 & 15/15 Near Times Of India Press, Site – 4 Sahibabad Indl Area, Near Anand Vihar Metro Station, Distt Ghaziabad 201010 Uttar Pradesh, India

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Pashupati Tent

This is another biggest name that comes under the top names of wedding tent suppliers. The Pashupati tent company has been in the tent production business since 1965. With over 65 years of excellent experience in the domain, the firm has become the most extensive tent manufacturers in India. 

The company utilizes top-quality Canvas and PVC with the finest craftsmanship to create a high standard of products. They also provide the best products with the speediest delivery. If you want to get the best tent services for your wedding, then this company is worth considering. They are very well known for giving wonderful services in a very budget-friendly manner. 

Products they deal in:

  • Jungle tent
  • Jacana tent
  • Maharaja tent
  • Camping tent
  • Resort tent
  • Villa tent
  • Swiss cottage tents
  • Cottage tent
  • Army tent
  • Glamping tent
  • Luxury resort tent
  • Exclusive tent
  • Canvas Tent
  • Relief tents
  • Refugee tents
  • Mughal tent
  • Jungle Safari tents
  • Cold weather tent
  • Hospital tent
  • Inflatable tent

Address: 07 Gagandeep Bldg., Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008, INDIA

Wedding Tent

A wedding tent is also a popular brand that manufactures and exports the best quality tents in India. They have a number of bandstands available to decorate your essentials for a wedding or any occasion. You can easily choose the one depending on the location or venue you can pick for your wedding rituals. They offer amazing, luxurious, and gracious tents which can make your experiences and gather more sociable. 

Products they deal in:

  • Wedding Tents
  • Handmade Tents
  • Raj Tents
  • Maharaja Tent
  • Pavilion Tent
  • Ottoman Tent
  • Swiss Cottage Tent
  • Safari Tent
  • Children Tent
  • Royal Seating
  • Indian Tents
  • Arabian Tents
  • Royal Tents

Address: Mahadev Farms, Khasra No. 46/6, Khokhariya, Banar Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India – 342027

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Tirupati Tents

This is the last but not the least one. It is one of the best tent suppliers, semi-permanent covers manufacturers in India, and deals with some of the most prominent names in the hotel and resort industry. Their incredible tent dwellings can be observed in popular luxury hotels and resorts. If you are from the hotel management and require to have luxury tents for your guests, they are worth fixing canopies which is the most competent choice. 

It is also worth mentioning here that they are also outstanding when it comes to offering excellent quality services and products at fair rates. The company has good transport and superior logistic facility plus quick delivery for all the orders.

Products they deal in: 

  • Luxury Tents
  • Mughal Tents
  • Wedding Tents
  • Camping Tents
  • Marquee Tents
  • Outdoor Tents
  • Fixed Wall Tents
  • Pergola Tents
  • Resort Tents
  • Handmade Tents
  • Swiss Cottage Tent

Address: Factory /Showroom – Plot No 208, Pradeep Nagar, Near I.R.M College, Chokha Road Jodhpur (raj.) 34 2008 India


In the above discussion, we got the top 5 wedding tent manufacturers in India that provide top-notch services to their clients. Along with wedding tents, they also manufacture and export various other kinds of tents that make every gathering or adventure worth memorable and comfortable for you. So, if you are looking for the best tent services for your wedding rituals, the above-mentioned companies will definitely help you in this by giving the best ever services to you. 

Bharat tent manufacturers are the best Army Tent suppliers and exporters in India.

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